Welcome To Skwlāx te Secwepemcúl̓ecw

Weytk! The Skwlāx te Secwepemcúl̓ecw, Kukpi7 & Council welcome you to our home . We hope this site keeps our community members and visitors well-informed. SteS offers a wide range of services that benefit everyone throughout life including our administrative programs, economic developments, lands, and job opportunities.

Our Pillars

The Skwlāx te Secwepemcúl̓ecw has a unique vision and drive in its economic development. The creation of Quaaout Lodge, Talking Rock Golf and Le7ka Spa has helped promote Secwepemc culture, and allowed the Little Shuswap to develop world class accommodation and leisure activities. The Band has not only led the way in tourism within the Shuswap, it has also led the way in economic development. The Skwlāx te Secwepemcúl̓ecw goes every step of the way to dispel the stereotype of what an Indian Reserve looks like, or any perceived lifestyle of reserve living.

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