Dawn Francois



  • Wellness/Culture/Language/Social Development/Daycare

  • Finance

  • Elections

  • Lands and Leases

  • Emergency Management

  • FAL (shared with Councilor John)
  • TRS-Internal
  • Economic Development
  • Governance
  • TRS-External

Dawn has been a Councilor for Skwlāx since June 2022. She strongly believes in supporting the Skwlāx band members to achieve holistically healthy lives while preserving the cultural ways of living within Skwlāx te Secwepemcúl̓ecw.

Dawn graduated with her Master of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University (2022), she is also a certificated First Nation Tax Administrator (2018). She changed her lifestyle 14years ago and continues to learn our Secwepemc cultural teachings, and can pray in our Secwepemctsin language, and continues to attend ceremonies.

Her goal is to provide economic freedom for Skwlāx members. This enables Skwlāx to make their own choices and decisions. She will work hard to provide a fair and equitable process for everyone. Another goal she is working on is jurisdiction over our children and will continue to work with the Health and Wellness team to build a framework to replace the old ministry of children and family’s protocol/agreement. Her main priority is to continue supporting the health and wellness team and band members to move through wildfire situation of August 2023.

She acknowledges that we have come a long way since all living together at the Rayleigh Evacuation Camp, where there were approximately 100 band members at its height. Progress has been consistent and positive. There have been peaks and valleys – ebbs and flows, but we are human, and we are allowed to experience all emotions considering what we just lived through. Rod Jeffries was in the community to support us with some recovery work and mental health planning.

She recognizes a multi-prong approach will be implemented to support the Skwlāx recovery plan that includes the people, the land, the water, and the animals.