Human Resouces Department

Human Resources department is a service provided to existing employees, and future employees through the recruitment process. Skwlāx te Secwepemcúl̓ecw is a great place to work and offers flexibility and growth opportunities for our dedicated and loyal employees. We work with external partners who are committed to Indigenous and local inclusion with external employment opportunities for membership to apply.


Employee Relations

Acting as a liaison between employees and managers, the Human Resource department maintains positive, constructive employee relations by creating and advising the creation of policies around employee issues such as workplace conflict, workplace bullying, and workplace safety and others.

Learning, Development and Training

Learning, development and training can be great tools for bridging skills gaps, improving workplace culture, and increasing employee engagement and retention rates by encouraging professional development.

Total Rewards - Compensation, Benefit and Administration

Compensation and benefits are an integral part of human resources that deals with the payment of employees and the provision of benefits. It encompasses the administration of employee benefits programs, including enrolling employees in benefits plans, processing claims, and communicating information about benefits to employees.

Performance and Growth Management

As a key strategic function, the Human Resource department facilitates the performance and growth at Skwlāx te Secwepemcúl̓ecw by leveraging the benefits of employee diversity, contributing to a supportive and inclusive work environment and by providing opportunities for meaningful work.

Employment Opportunities

The governance structure of LSLB is unique and forward-looking, divided into 4 distinct pillars: Administration, which covers programs and services for Band members; Territorial Stewardship, which addresses title and rights issues; Economic Development, which promotes a strong, resilient economy for the community; and Wellness, which oversees all child, health, wellness, and culture programs and services for Band members.

Policy Development and Implementation

The Human Resource department creates range of policies that provide clear guidelines and expectations to ensure fair and consistent practices and legal compliance. Common topics; performance management, hiring, holidays, hours of work, overtime, leaves of absence, termination and vacation.

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