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Services include fire protection, 9-1-1, ambulance, hospital, waste management (garbage and recycling), sewer (Scotch Creek), road maintenance, emergency preparedness, access to parks and contributions to milfoil control. There are a variety of services in each area and service providers may change from time to time. For questions contact the appropriate department through the contact page or view our staff directory.


In addition to general community services, Band members have access to specific services including (but not limited to) education, housing, employment, health and wellness as well as addictions and mental health counselling


As the local government, Skwlax te Secwepemc has the authority under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act to levy property taxes on Skwlāx te Secwepemcúl̓ecw lands. 

BC Assessment Authority (BCAA) is contracted to provide annual property assessment services.  Owners wishing to appeal their assessment should read their notice carefully and be sure to apply prior to the appeal deadlines.  The process is essentially the same as with fee simple properties under the provincial system.  Property taxes are due and payable by August 2 of each year. 

The Homeowner Grant eligibility applies to owner-occupiers only and is the same as is available to homeowners of fee simple properties off reserve.  Only one property is eligible for a Homeowner Grant in BC in any one tax year. 

Unlike municipalities where the Homeowner Grant is reimbursed by the provincial government, First Nations fund their own Homeowner Grants and do not receive any reimbursement from the provincial or federal governments.  For more information, see the First Nations Gazette for approved laws.


Property held by non-members is leased under a variety of forms of lease.  The summaries below are provided as an easy reference to the rights and obligations pertaining to the most pertinent clauses in the lease.  Interested parties are advised not to rely on the summaries as a full review of the lease document and should review the entire terms of the lease and seek independent legal advice if need be.

Summary of most pertinent lease clauses

Quaaout IR No. 1
Prepaid Lease

Quaaout IR No. 1
Prepaid Lease

Scotch Creek IR No.
4 Prepaid Lease

Scotch Creek IR No.
4 Periodic Lease